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Frequently asked questions

Here are quick answers to frequently asked questions. For more details and help with other questions, check out our Get Help section.


I want to ship this package tomorrow, but my label has today's date.

That's OK. You can use your label any time. It doesn't expire, but can only be used once. Once you put your package in the system, by driver pick-up or counter drop-off, the tracking number will be active, live, and current.


Can I have this shipped to a FedEx location?

Yes, you can ship packages to FedEx staffed locations. This is a common technique in extreme weather (hot or cold) as it avoids exposure time being on the delivery truck.

When you ship to a "Fedex staffed" facility (NOT a FedEx Office, Pak Mail, Mail Boxes Etc. or other satellite/franchise location), your shipment will arrive early in the morning and be kept inside until the recipient picks it up.

If you want to have your package held for pickup at a FedEx facility, be sure to enter "FedEx World Service Center" in the Organization field and "HOLD AT FACILITY" in the second address field, like this:

Search for a Fedex staffed facility near you.


What is the FedEx reference note?

The FedEx reference note is a small label we suggest you tape next to your shipping label.

In case of questions regarding ShipYourReptiles/All Pro Shipping live reptile shipping certication, the reference note instructs FedEx employees to contact the FedEx Live Animal Desk for clarification.

Download the Fedex reference note.


Should I feed my reptile before shipping it?

We prefer not to feed snakes the week before shipping, to prevent regurgitation during shipping. With lizards, we prefer not to feed the day before shipping, for the same reason. Only ship a healthy animal, with good weight. We prefer not to ship when an animal is in shed.