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61. How do I avoid additional charges?

When you enter inaccurate information, FedEx charges us an additional fee—then we charge you that fee. You'll see it on your credit card statement. This isn’t fun for any of us, and it’s worth avoiding.

Incorrect address charges

When ordering your shipping label, do NOT put a PO Box in the address fields. Only US postal trucks can deliver to a PO Box and FedEx will not be able to complete that delivery without an address correction.

When FedEx attempts to deliver your package, but it turns out to be the wrong address, or the address doesn’t exist, they get annoyed. And they charge extra.

Please double-check your addresses and enter them accurately. 3911 Norwood Drive is not the same as 391 Norwood Drive, nor 3913 Norwood Drive, nor 3911 Norwood Avenue. The 80123 zip code is not the same as the 80128 zip code.

Each of those variations will incur an address correction fee of $21.00, which we will charge to your credit card. Please double check your address info for 100% accuracy.

Dimensional weight charges

FedEx measures your package with lasers, and if they determine your package is bigger than you said—bam!—additional fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The measurements shown on your box, say 12x9x6 inches, indicate the internal size of the box. This is the standard used by the packaging industry. However, FedEx measures the external size of the box, and they round up to the nearest inch. FedEx may measure our popular 12x9x6 box as 12x9x7 inches—and that's what they charge for.

Measure the outside of your sealed box accurately. Round up to the nearest inch. Enter your information correctly. Measure twice. Double-check your work. Seriously.

Incorrect Weight charges

Incorrect Weight shipping charge corrections occur when the weight of a package is greater than the weight indicated at the time of shipping, or it's greater than the dimensional weight (see above).

To avoid Incorrect Weight shipping charge corrections, use any standard scale and round up any fraction of a pound to the next full pound. Enter that number into the interface—accurately, please.

Large and/or heavy packages

A package is considered a "large package" when its length plus its girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] exceeds 130 inches, but does not exceed the FedEx maximum size of 165 inches.

If your package is considered large, FedEx will add a large package surcharge of $160-$200 for Home service and $135-$170 for Express and Ground service, and bill the shipping amount for a 90-pound package, regardless of your package's actual weight.

TIP: When you measure your package, be sure to measure the bulges. Bulges will push some larger boxes over the limit.


Packages with an actual weight of more than 150 pounds, or that exceed 119 inches in length, or exceed a total of 165 inches in length and girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)], as measured to determine their billable weight, are not accepted for transportation.

Additional handling charges

Additional Handling applies to the following:

  • Any article that is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood
  • Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container
  • Any package with the longest side exceeding 60 inches or its second-longest side exceeding 30 inches
  • Any package with an actual weight greater than 70 pounds

FedEx also reserves the right to assess the Additional Handling Charge for any package that, at their sole discretion, requires special handling.

So there. Don’t try anything funny. If FedEx charges an additional handling charge, charges you that additional handling charge. It’s not fun, but it’s fair.

Residential delivery charges

FedEx defines a residence as a location that is zoned as a residence, including a business operating out of a home. If you’re breeding reptiles in your spare bedroom, sorry—it’s still a residence.

You can avoid Residential Delivery shipping charge corrections by selecting Residential Address when you enter the address. Residential surcharges are usually just a few dollars max.

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62. What are your return and refund policies?

Shipping services

If you have not shipped a package using your shipping label, we can void your label and issue you a 100% refund. Contact us with your tracking number.

To guarantee on-time and live arrival, check out ShipYourReptiles Insurance.

Shipping supplies

We guarantee your satisfaction. To get a refund, you must notify us of your dissatisfaction and return the purchased materials within 14 days of your purchase. We will refund the price of your purchased products. You are responsible for the cost of returning those products at standard FedEx Ground rates. Contact Us with your order number.

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63. What are your shipping rates for shipping supplies?

All shipping supplies are sent to you via FedEx Ground. Contact us for expedited air shipping.

Shipping kits - One Penny!

Cases of insulated boxes - One Penny!

​For all other products:​

Orders up to $49.99 - $10.75

Orders $50 to $69.99 - $13.95

Orders $70 to $89.99 - $14.95

Orders $90 to $109.99 - $15.95

Orders $110 to $149.99 - $19.95

Orders $150 to $249.99 - $25.95

Orders $250 to $299.99 - $32.95

Orders $300 to $349.99 - $37.95

Orders $350 to $399.99 - $45.95

Orders $400 to $499.99 - $59.95

Orders $500 to $599.99 - $69.95

Orders $600 to $699.99 - $85.95

Orders $700 to $799.99 - $95.95

Orders $800 to $899.99 - $115.95

Orders $900+ - $125.95

If you have an unusually bulky, heavy, or extra large order, feel free to call for a custom shipping quote directly, we may be able to save you money compared to the standard flat fee structure. We reserve the right to change shipping rates at any time.

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64. Why did you charge my credit card after my package shipped?

We charge you based on the information you provide when you book a shipment.

FedEx charges us based on their measurements. If your package measures larger or heavier than you entered, or if your shipment incurs additional charges such as address corrections or additional handling, FedEx charges us additional fees. 

When we receive the invoice from FedEx (often a week or more after your shipment), we charge you for these additional fees.

To minimize these additional fees, please make sure you're entering accurate information. Click here to learn more about additional fees.

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65. How do I update my credit card info?

From time to time you'll need to update your billing address, card number, expiration date or CSC code. This is easy to do:

  • Log in to your account.
  • On the left side of the page, under "Manage Your Account," click "Stored Payment Methods."
  • Click "Edit" under the credit card you want to update.
  • Update the information and click "Update Payment Method." To avoid declined charges, make sure the address listed on your card matches the address your bank has on file.

If you must update your card info while you are booking a shipment, you have to leave the shipping process, update the card info then start booking your shipment over again.

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66. Why should I ship with ShipYourReptiles rather than directly with FedEx?

We don't claim to be better than FedEx — they are the worldwide shipping leader — but we offer valuable benefits to our customers who are shipping live reptiles:

1) We are FedEx certified to ship live, non-venomous reptiles including snakes. When you ship with us, you don't have to go through the FedEx certification process.

2) With us, you can ship to and from residences. Standard FedEx reptile certifications only allow business-to-business shipping.

3) Our optional ShipYourReptiles Insurance covers the cost of shipments that arrive late and the value of animals that arrive late and dead. ShipYourReptiles provides the only way to insure shipments of live reptiles.

4) We provide awesome customer support. We are experts in both reptiles and shipping.

5) When you ship Express with ShipYourReptiles, you pay at least 30 percent less than FedEx retail rates. Ship with a higher volume, get an even better rate!

Book A Shipment today!

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67. How do I contact customer service?

We’re here to help.

Phone: 303-730-2125
Fax: 303-347-0400

If you’re very patient, you can write a letter. Hey, you should FedEx it to us:
Customer Service

9220 Teddy Lane
Unit 2000
Lone Tree CO 80124

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68. What can I ship through ShipYourReptiles?

You can ship non-venomous reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, fish, and corals.

You can ship dry goods related to the reptile industry, such as food, bedding, cages, and housing materials.

You cannot ship illegal drugs, batteries, liquor, aerosols, firearms and ammunition, fireworks, explosives, mammals (no dogs, no cats), birds, dry ice and absolutely no venomous reptiles. is approved for the shipping of live non venomous reptiles and reptile supplies to and from business and residential addresses.

You must follow all Shipping Standards.

You must also follow all FedEx rules and restrictions. For more details, see this section of the FedEx site:

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69. Protect the future of reptile keeping!

When you book a shipment, you can add a donation to USARK to help ensure the future of reptile and amphibian keeping, breeding and shipping.

100 percent of proceeds go to the United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK).

The future of the reptile and amphibian hobby/industry depends on our ability to fight legislative battles meant to take away our rights to keep/breed/ship live reptiles. We are seeing new anti-reptile legislation (reptile bans) every week. Region to region, city to city, state to state, it is going to be a continual political battle to protect our rights to keep, breed and ship reptiles. We have to develop stronger fundraising abilities to keep up this fight. USARK is fighting to protect your rights, and they need your help, support and financial commitment.

Please consider becoming a paying member of these organizations that fight for your rights. They need your support. To further the cause, please donate even a small amount each time you ship. A few dollars in the jar is not so impressive on its own, but multiply it by ten thousand shippers, donating a dollar or two each time they ship, and we will really be making a difference!

Protect your own future!

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70. What is your Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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71. What are your Terms & Conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions can be found here.

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72. Do you have other sources of useful information?

Yes! Check out our Newsletter Archives for lots of awesome articles on everything from shipping tips to marketing strategies that deal with the high costs of shipping. Don't forget to subscribe to receive the Newsletter and stay up to date on all the latest articles as soon as they go out.

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73. Can I ship a Priority Overnight ENVELOPE through ShipYourReptiles?


However, the process is not as straightforward as booking a package shipment on our website.  The calculations for label costs on envelopes is different than boxes and must be done by hand.  Your personal % discounts may not apply to an envelope shipment, but we'll get it as close as we can without actually losing money on the deal. 


  • Click on this link:
  • Enter the password: overnight
  • Fill out the form
  • You MUST specify in the Description Field whether it is a FedEx Envelope or FedEx Pak
  • Submit the form

That will generate an email to us with your booking info. We will send you an email with a price quote, and once we have your confirmation, we will book the shipment, manually charge it to your account, and then send you an email with the label file that you can print up at home.

Your label should be booked by the end of the following business day, at the latest.


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