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03 July 2018

Featured Customer #2

Amad Osman of Ozzy Boids LLC

Amad Osman (aka Ozzy or Oz) is the owner of Ozzy Boids LLC, located near Washington DC, where beautiful ball python and boa constrictor morphs are bred and cared for. The ball python morph known as “orange dream” was discovered by Oz and can now be found around the world in countless reptile collections. 

Oz grew up in Brooklyn, NY with a fascination for reptiles, but it wasn’t until he left for college in 1999 that he began to consider the idea of owning a pet snake. After much research, he bought his first captive bred ball python at a local trade show, and from there, the hook was set!

He graduated with a BS in biology from George Mason University and began a successful career in biotechnology, eventually rising to a Director-level position. Throughout his years of working in biotech, he founded and nurtured another business that became known as Ozzy Boids LLC. In January of 2017, Oz was finally able to retire from the lucrative world of biotech and devote all his energy and attention to the things he loves most, which are spending time with his kids and his animals. He continues to do part time consulting in biotech fields and also indulges another passionate hobby for real estate investments. 

What can you tell us about your experience working with ShipYourReptiles?

"Ever since I switched over to SYR for all my shipping needs I have been nothing but impressed. The SYR Team provides excellent customer service and great value. They’re always calm and professional even when you’re freaking out about a delayed shipment or other rare but stressful events. Now I don’t even sweat any issue that may occur with a shipment. I just contact SYR knowing that they will quickly contact FedEx to quickly resolve any issues on my behalf. This is a big plus for me because I’m always busy and looking for ways to save time and eliminate stress. Thanks Guys!!! Customer for life..."

Ozzy has been shipping through ShipYourReptiles since 2011 and has, to date, saved almost $20,000! 

A tiny sample of the beautiful animals from Ozzy Boids LLC

Perfectly packed for a safe and secure shipping experience

All boxed up and ready to go

Learn more about Ozzy Boids LLC and check out his amazing animals at the following websites:
Ozzy Boids LLC on Facebook
OzzyBoids on Instagram

“I am a morph designer at heart, not really a collector. I love working with my animals, combining genetics and producing new, amazing designer morphs. This is what moves me! I hope our creations inspire others to follow their passion in life whatever it may be... and always remember, being “normal” is overrated. “ – Oz


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