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05 September 2017

How Far Can We Grow Together?
One of the foundations of a successful business is its distribution system. If you want to reach the widest possible base of customers, you’ll need to stretch outside of your local region. That means being able to sell and deliver long-distance. For someone selling hand-woven bunny slippers on Ebay, delivery is as simple as a small box dropped off at their local post office. For those selling live animals, it’s an entirely different ball game. You want a distribution partner you can trust to not only take care of your business needs, but also be willing and able to look after the welfare of the animals being sent across the country.
FedEx shipping has proven to be the best solution for consistently getting animals from one state to another with the least risk of danger for the animal. However, FedEx has a number of restrictions and exceptions on live animal shipping. And FedEx is expensive! FedEx won’t insure your packages if they contain live animals. They won’t even guarantee their famous On-Time Delivery if a reptile or fish is involved! They also require you to jump over a number of hurdles in order to become certified to ship your animals.
ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics utilize all the best features of FedEx (a massive infrastructure that is able to consistently and safely deliver your shipments) while, at the same time, solving the problems caused by FedEx policies. Our certification applies to you so you don’t have to worry about those steps. We offer On-Time and Live Arrival Insurance (Live Arrival available only for reptiles at this time) so you can have peace of mind when shipping out your precious cargo, knowing you’ll be taken care of in those rare instances when something goes awry with the delivery. And most of all, we save you money!
Knowing you have a safe, reliable, affordable method for shipping animals all across the country allows you to expand and grow your business to be as large and successful as you wish it to be. As your business grows, you’ll ship more and more often. The more packages you ship through SYR, the more leverage we have to negotiate high-volume discounts from FedEx. The greater discounts we earn, the more savings we can pass on to you.
This is a symbiotic relationship that we at All Pro Shipping never take for granted. Every single customer, from the largest to the smallest, are what makes our business possible. Whenever needed and wherever possible, we’ll go to bat for you as an individual business and for our community as a whole. So long as we work together, there is absolutely no limit to how far our businesses can grow!

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