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12 December 2017

Follow the Yellow-Brick Code

Have you ever wondered which FedEx hub your shipment was going to be routed through? A big storm moving through Memphis might disrupt a lot of FedEx schedules. But if you're shipping from Los Angeles to Seattle, would your package be impacted? It's quite possible that the package you're shipping due north may have to first travel east before it is turned around and headed west and north once more. 

Is there a way to tell?  


That being said, you have to actually book the label first in order to find out which hub will have the pleasure of handling your shipment. This is probably due to the fact that FedEx shipping routes aren't set in stone and will shift as needed due to variables in volume or other circumstances that impact flight schedules. 

When you book your label, the routing information is right there on it, in a simple code: 

The first character in the routing code indicates which hub the package will be routed through.

  • "X" indicates the package will be routed through the main hub in Memphis, TN
  • "N" indicates Indianapolis, IN 
  • A number indicates the package will stay within the state of origin

There are also smaller regional hubs:

  • "A" is Ft. Worth, TX 
  • "W" is Oakland, CA 
  • "Q" is one of the Los Angeles area hubs 
  • "E" is Newark, NJ

Packages may sometimes be rerouted for expediency, so this is about 98% accurate. There is no way to check this routing information until you book your label.

When you book your label, it's a good idea to determine which hub you'll be using and check the forecast for potential weather delays. If necessary, you can wait a few days for things to settle down. You'll still be able to use the same label. The shipping schedule (delivery date/time) on your label will automatically be revised to reflect current dates when the package is put into the FedEx system. 

If you decide, for any reason, that you won't be using that label at all, please contact our Customer Service Desk within 30 days for a full refund.

There you have it! The mysteries of FedEx hubs unraveled for you. No wizards necessary!

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