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16 January 2018

New FedEx Rates and Fees

At the start of each New Year, FedEx (and UPS, for that matter) raise their prices. This annual increase affects everyone that uses these services. Shipping animals, already a fairly pricey practice, just got a little more expensive. 

Base Rate Increase

FedEx has two different types of service: Ground, in which packages are all delivered by truck, and Express, in which the packages typically travel by air. 

Ground rates have increased 5%. 

Express rates have gone up 6.5%.

Fee Increases

In addition to the base rate, FedEx has a number of fees and surcharges that get added into the cost of a shipment. The following are fees that have changed for 2018. 

Address Correction - $15
Additional Handling - $12
Residential fee Ground - $3.60
Residential fee Express - $4.15
Sig Required/Delivery confirmation - $4.75

You can avoid all of these fees and charges: 

Address Correction - double and triple check your shipping address to make sure it's correct the first time.

Additional Handling - this fee is applied to any package that is 48"-108" on its longest side. 

Residential Fee - whether Ground or Express, you can avoid this fee by having the packages delivered to a place of business or held at a local FedEx Ship Center.

Sig Required/Delivery confirmation - This is a service you choose and it's actually one that we don't recommend. If the recipient is not available to accept the Signature Required package from the FedEx driver, the package will go back onto the truck for later delivery, most likely the following day.

In the case of live reptiles, it is preferable to have the driver leave the package at the address — in a location that’s protected from weather and extreme cold or heat.

NOTE: Be sure your customer/recipient is alert, ready, and watching for the imminent arrival of their package.

Fortunately, all of those extra fees can be avoided with a little effort, but we're all stuck with the increase on the base retail rate.

Your discount rate at ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics is based off the FedEx retail rate. That retail rate has gone up, but your discount at SYR/SYA HAS NOT CHANGED. We have not raised your rates.

Here at ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics, we will continue to do all we can to make your shipping as affordable as possible. We will continue to offer the absolute best in Customer Service because our number one priority is the well-being of your animals and your business.

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