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17 October 2017

Winter Holidays!

It might seem a bit early to be thinking about winter holidays. Few of us like seeing Christmas decorations set out before Halloween. However, it is NOT too early to start looking ahead and marking some specific dates on your calendar that will help you avoid having a live shipment get buried under a mountain of holiday packages.

Thanksgiving always gives us a holiday (that FedEx observes) in the middle of the week. Then we get hit with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that will clog up the system. Christmas, of course, sends millions of packages jetting around the country, as well as federally observed holidays on December 25th and January 1st. It's important to pay close attention to this time of year and plan your live shipments accordingly.

Thanksgiving Shipping Schedule:

  • The last recommended day to ship is Monday, November 20th
  • November 21-28 is our Thanksgiving NO SHIP period. 
  • Our insurance will not be available on these days and you should expect delays on Express shipments. It's best to wait for this period to pass before putting live packages into the system.


Christmas Shipping Schedule:

  • The last day of 2017 that you can ship with SYR Insurance will be Tuesday, December 5th. After this date, insurance will not be available again until 2018.
  • Our last recommended day to ship is Tuesday, December 12th.
  • December 13th through January 3rd is our Holiday NO SHIP period.
  • After the 12th, delays start to skyrocket and we do not recommend putting live shipments into the system.

In 2016, the second week of December resulted in 30% of all packages being delayed. The third week of December resulted in 80% of all packages being delayed. You don't want your live shipment getting caught up in that gift box madness. Please plan and anticipate accordingly. Be considerate of your live reptiles, aquatics and inverts!

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