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25 June 2019

A Critical Message on Boxes

 Choosing the correct box to ship your animals in is literally a matter of life or death. 

FedEx requires specific and certified packaging for live reptile and aquatics shipments. This includes at least 3/4" insulation and a full thickness cardboard box. Not just any cardboard box, but one that has been certified and approved by the FedEx Packaging Lab. ShipYourReptiles has gotten three different box variations approved for live shipping. An insulated white box with red lettering, an insulated white box with green lettering (with a preprinted Lacey Act/IATA label), and an insulated plain brown box rated at 275lb burst strength.

US Postal boxes, boxes, even FedEx branded boxes are NOT ALLOWED for live shipments. In fact they are specifically prohibited. It’s not just a visual or box size issue, it’s also a thickness and materials issue. These commonly available boxes are too thin and flimsy to meet the FedEx strength requirements for live shipments. Using these prohibited boxes may get your shipment refused, or stopped during transit. If such a box makes it into the system, you are endangering the life of your animal and endangering the status of our FedEx account. 

Order your boxes directly from ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics to be 100% certain you're using certified and approved boxes and insulation.

We take live animal shipping seriously. The health and safety of the animals is our primary concern, and certified and approved packaging is absolutely required.  

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Service for any questions or concerns you might have regarding your shipments.  We're here for you! 
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