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28 November 2017

A Smorgasborg of FAQs

We get asked lots of questions. Seriously. LOTS of questions. Lucky for us, we enjoy answering them and helping people in every way we can. Some answers are rather long and involved, but sometimes we get to go with the short-n-sweet kind—like bonbons on the buffet table. 

The following are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions with snack-sized answers. 

What can you ship with All Pro Shipping?

  • Reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, fish, corals, and other aquatic life
  • You can also ship dry goods and merchandise
  • NO venomous animals or giant animals that require special crating
  • All live shipments must ship Priority Overnight!
  • Non-live shipments may use any of our services

Do I have to buy my shipping supplies through APS?
No, you can purchase them from any number of sources, so long as they meet the FedEx/APS minimum standard requirements for shipping live animals.

Is there a video showing how to pack a live animal?
Yes! Right here. Please note that a heat pack is demonstrated in the video but not all shipments need a heat pack. Learn more about heat packs here.

How do I calculate the DIM Weight (dimensional weight) of a package?

  • Multiply length x width x height (in inches) and divide that number by 139. 
  • That is how much the box “weighs” according to its size. 
  • FedEx will look at the DIM Weight and the Actual Weight and calculate your base shipping rate by whichever is heaviest. 

Are live packages even safe on airplanes?
Yes! The cargo holds are pressurized and temperature controlled.

When will my label expire?

  • Technically, they don’t expire, but they should be used within 30 days to avoid possible complications.
  • If you order a label that you won’t use within 30 days, we will happily issue a 100% refund.

Did rates go up?!?
Rates only go up once per year. Both FedEx and UPS impose an annual rate increase at the beginning of the New Year, usually around 5%. Your discount at SYR/SYA won’t change unless we manually change it. Your final shipping price may fluctuate throughout the year based on a few other variables, including a varying fuel surcharge, residential fees, extended residential fees, a change in the DIM Weight formula, and/or change in Delivery Confirmation fees.

Can I use duct tape (or “duck” tape)?

  • No! Although it’s a very strong tape, it will peel and roll off of cardboard. Then its extreme stickiness catches on belts, chutes and sorters. Just a big mess! 
  • Also, no scotch tape or masking tape.
  • Use quality packing tape made for that purpose.

How do I ship to a FedEx facility?
When filling out the information on the “Ship To” portion of your shipping label:

  • Select the "Ship to FedEx Facility" option
  • Enter the recipient's zip code and choose the nearest facility from the drop-down list (you may want to double-check with your recipient to choose the most convenient facility for them)
  • Put your recipient's name in the First and Last Name fields
  • Make sure the name on the label will match the person picking up the package
  • The rest of the fields will be automatically filled in for you!

Contact us if you need help finding the correct facility for this service.

Can I schedule a Saturday delivery?

  • No. Live reptile shipments must be shipped Priority Overnight, Monday through Thursday only. An overnight shipment on Friday won’t arrive until Monday. That is not acceptable and not permitted.
  • That said, IF a shipment sent out on Thursday experiences a delay, it may get rescheduled for a Monday delivery. Please contact us immediately and we will work with FedEx to try and arrange a Saturday delivery, if at all possible, for the sake of the animal inside.

How do I contact Customer Service?

For detailed answers to our more complicated questions, please be sure to visit our Get Help pages for a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers.

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