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Chad Brown and Robyn Markland have been business partners since 1993. Their skills and personalities complement each other well and together they make a formidable team. They met in college at the University of Colorado where Chad was playing football and Robyn worked in a CD store. Eventually, Robyn began managing Chad’s growing business, Pro Exotics Reptiles, while Chad traveled during his college and professional football years. Together, they built it up into one of the premier reptile facilities in the US. 

In 2009, they launched ShipYourReptiles, opening a world of convenient and affordable shipping for reptile breeders, large and small, across the country.

Since the devastating 2011 fire that destroyed the Pro Exotics facility, Robyn and Chad have stepped away from live breeding and set their focus on the service and information sides of the reptile world. Today, they have three companies: All Pro Shipping (the parent company of ShipYourReptiles & ShipYourAquatics), The Reptile Report, and THG Heat.

Chad and his wife, Kristin, have two golden doodles named Charlie Brown and Snoopy Brown—each in competition for the World’s Best Dog title. Chad also keeps a leachianus gecko at home that he’s had for over 15 years. In the office at work, he’s got four green tree pythons helping to test out new caging for THG Heat. 

During the Football season, Chad is a broadcaster for both college and NFL football. Most weekends will find him in a suit and tie, looking at a camera or talking into a microphone about football. With so many hats to wear, Chad doesn’t have much time for hobbies, but when he can, he will enjoy body surfing while near the ocean, and mountain biking while in the mountains. And he’s always on the lookout for his next great meal. 

A pair of shelter dogs were lucky enough to be adopted by Robyn and his wife, Nicci. Robyn also recently came to own the legendary beaded lizard, Fernando, from Bob Applegate. Fernando is over 50 years of age and is 44” in length—the oldest and largest beaded lizard in the world.  Fernando now lives at the ShipYourReptiles offices. 

Robyn also enjoys CrossFit, Brazilian jiu jitsu, mountain biking and searching for world-class sushi during his frequent travels for business and pleasure. 



Actively field herping since he was 8, and having kept and bred many species since the mid 80s, Jorden is passionate about working with reptiles, especially in the field. His photography has been published in several books and after 15 years of a sales management career, he shifted focus to web & application development as well as marketing & graphic design which he had been doing on the side since the birth of the Web in the mid-90s. Now he can combine his experience in development with his passion for everything reptile. There are big things brewing and Jorden is thrilled to be a part of it.



After helping to build The Reptile Report and crewing its helm as Editor in Chief for its first three years, Judy shifted gears and hats, moving over into the world of shipping to manage the thousands of accounts at ShipYourReptiles and ShipYourAquatics. 

Judy has also been one of the owner/administrators of for more than ten years and is passionate about educating animal lovers on the proper care of reptiles as pets. She currently keeps a handful of snakes, a tortoise, and a small reef aquarium—all guarded by a goofy Doberman named Mira. In recent years, Judy has become addicted to world travel in search of awesome animal encounters.

She’s been happily married to an officer in the Air Force for over 25 years now. We’d tell you where she’s currently living, but by the time you read it, they will likely have uprooted and moved again.


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