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FedEx is swamped. Yes, it sucks. No, we don’t know when things will get better.

Here is what YOU MUST KNOW, DO, and DO NOT DO to help ensure your animals’ safe delivery.


  • There is NO insurance of any kind. NO guarantees of on-time delivery. NO refunds or reimbursements for late, lost, damaged or DOA shipments
  • You are shipping AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • Late deliveries are happening with increasing frequency
  • 24-48 hour delays are more common than ever
  • At this time, Mondays are showing the highest percentage of delays and other issues
  • If your package is hung up in Memphis or Indy, assume a 24 hour delay. We audit shipments every morning and send tracking information to FedEx to request that packages be held indoors until they can move out, so chances are excellent that we will already have cases open on your shipment(s).
  • Ground/Home Delivery system (for dry goods) is heavily delayed.



  • Live Shipping is Monday through Wednesday ONLY—we have had Thursday shipments delayed until Monday, even with Saturday upgrade requests put in, and we are not in the office during the weekend to help you.
  • Mondays are showing the highest rate of delays so you might consider shipping on Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid the Monday madness.
  • Assume there will be a 24 hour delay and pack your animal accordingly
  • Aquatic shippers should consider using larger bags with more water and oxygen to last through a late delivery
  • HOLD AT HUB for PICK-UPMost of the delays we are seeing are on packages that go out for delivery. We have seen 6 to 8 hour Driver Delays and the trucks are not temperature controlled. Let us know if you need help locating a hub.
  • Pay special attention shipping into or out of a COVID hotspot, particularly in the Northeast/Tri-State area.
  • TRIPLE-CHECK for CORRECT ADDRESS and COMPLETE RECIPIENT INFO including phone numbers—incorrect addresses can result in an additional 24-48 hour delay. Being able to reach your customer directly will help us move much faster.
  • Watch your tracking—especially if delivering to an apartment complex or a commercial address. While we will request reattempts on missed deliveries, many drivers will be NOT be able to do a same-day reattempt, in which case your recipient would need to wait for it to get back to the Ship Center and go pick up later that evening, or wait for reattempt the next business day. 
  • Allow for an additional 2-3 days for delivery of dry goods going via Ground/Home Delivery.



  • DO NOT call FedEx! Call us and we will work with FedEx on your behalf. If you or your customer calls FedEx, it will gum up the system and cause MORE delays. We have the contacts and the precise language needed to get the fastest and most thorough customer service available from FedEx.
  • DO NOT drop off or ship to a FedEx Office, Walgreens, or any other 3rd party retail location. They are NOT authorized to deal with live shipments. In addition, most have now modified their hours and may not have regular Express pickups, which could leave your package sitting for a day or more.



  • Reconsider shipping any delicate, sensitive, high-value, rare, or irreplaceable animals until Insurance is back on and it is safer to do so.
  • Ship only on Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Avoid putting a business name on a residential delivery address—some FedEx drivers are skipping commercial deliveries, assuming the businesses are closed, even if it's a business located in a home. Avoid this confusion by leaving off the business name where possible.


To keep our website banners as up-to-date and streamlined as possible, we will display only the most recent update on the site. All previous Covid notifications have been compiled and can be easily found here:   

For the most updated FedEx information, please keep an eye on FedEx's alerts page, which you can find at: 

We are still closely monitoring the FedEx systems for signs that things are calming down, and we will let you know the moment we see light at the end of this tunnel. Like all of you, we are anxious for things to return to some semblance normal. We WANT our Insurance turned back on. In the meantime, we are committed to providing you with excellent service and we will continue to work our butts off, doing all we can to make sure your animals are safely delivered and keep your business in business.


Please contact us with your questions and concerns: