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Insurance Eligibility Requirements

Limited Eligibility Insurance Information

To be eligible, shipments must be:

                · Shipped via Priority Overnight only;

                · Shipped out on Tuesday or Wednesday only;

   · Shipped only to a FedEx Ship Center (hub) for recipient pick up using the Ship To Facility function during the booking process;

   · Shipped according to SYR and SYA Shipping Standards, Packaging Guidelines, and Temperature Guidelines;

Reptiles: Shipping Standards, Packaging Guidelines, Temperature Guidelines

Aquatics: Shipping Standards, Packaging Guidelines, Temperature Guidelines

Invertebrates:  Shipping StandardsPackaging Guidelines, Temperature Guidelines

   · Packages shipped to Residential or Business addresses, FedEx Office, FedEx OnSite, or any other third-party location will NOT be eligible for any insurance coverage, without exception. Only packages shipped to FedEx Ship Centers (hubs) using the Ship To FedEx Facility function during booking will be eligible for insurance.

   · Packages that are dropped off at any FedEx Office, FedEx OnSite, or any other third-party location will forfeit any insurance coverage. Packages must either be picked up by a scheduled FedEx Express pick-up driver or dropped off at a true FedEx Ship Center (hub) to remain insured. 

   · A Hold at Facility package is on time if it is available for pick up by the time printed on the label, regardless of when your recipient picks up the package. The time on the delivery confirmation does not reflect the time the package was available.

We will be turning insurance on every Monday evening at 6:00 PM MST, and back off every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM MST. If your label is booked outside of this window, it will not be insured, and we will not be able to add insurance after the fact even if the package meets eligibility requirements.

Insurance purchased on packages that are not shipped out according to the eligibility requirements above will forfeit any coverage, and we will refund you the insurance costs on your label(s).

GROUND AND HOME SHIPMENTS: We unfortunately are still unable to offer Ground or Home Delivery insurance on merchandise at this time due to sustained volume, issues, and delays in the Ground system. Please allow for an additional 7 to 15 days of transit on any and all Ground shipments. We will still file a claim with FedEx on your behalf for any damaged goods, but any claim decision will solely be at FedEx's discretion, and any financial compensation may be limited by the lack of insurance. If you choose to ship your merchandise via Priority Overnight, you will be able to insure your merchandise up to the invoiced amount. Please keep in mind that any merchandise claims are subject to FedEx’s TOS and the FedEx claims process.

Remember: FedEx does NOT accept any liability on live shipments and does NOT issue us any refunds for your late, lost, damaged, or DOA shipments. You MUST purchase our On Time and Live Arrival insurance or ship entirely at your own risk and liability!

Please contact us with any and all questions or concerns!