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Peak and Holiday Shipping Schedule

2021 Peak and Holiday Shipping Schedule

FedEx is now officially operating within Holiday Peak Protocols.

We are only recommending shipping to the hub for pickup at this time.

Among other things, Peak Protocols mean the following:

  1. If your recipient is not home or available, or if the address is incorrect, same-day reattempts will be very unlikely.
  2. If a driver cannot reattempt delivery, they may not return to the station until after close of business, meaning next day delivery/pickup.
  3. Driver Follow-ups on disputed deliveries will take a minimum of 72 hours, meaning that we may not know anything for at least three business days after delivery.
  4. Even more substantial driver delays, issues, and mis-deliveries than what we are currently seeing.
  5. RESIDENTIAL shipping is now more expensive! FedEx is charging an additional $1 to $5 per residential shipment due to Peak Volume, on top of the existing residential delivery surcharge.

You can avoid all of the above by SHIPPING TO THE HUB FOR PICKUP!

Because driver delays and issues to residential addresses will likely only get worse as we head further into the Holiday season, we are urging all clients to ship directly to their recipients’ hubs for pickup. Though we will always do our best, we will be severely limited in our abilities to help problematic residential and non-hub shipments.

Holiday Shipping Schedule (as of 11.5.2021)

The below schedule is tentative and may change depending on how the systems are running with COVID, staffing shortages, and Holiday volume—please check this page for the most current information! The limited eligibility requirements for insurance will remain the same when it is available.

  • The last days to ship insured live shipments before Thanksgiving will be Tuesday, Nov 9th and Wednesday, Nov 10th.
  • The holiday NO SHIP period will begin Monday, Nov 15th.
  • Volume will be astronomical with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so ship at your own risk!
  • We are hoping to turn insurance on for shipments going out on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 7th and 8th, but DO NOT COUNT ON THIS! Everything depends on how the systems are running leading up to the 7th.
  • The remainder of December and into January will be NO SHIP.

While we have never shut down shipping entirely during NO SHIP periods, these NO SHIP periods are in place only for the safety and wellbeing of animals in the system. Shipping during these periods will therefore be highly discouraged and entirely at your own risk and liability.

Thank you!