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Ship Like a Pro

Shipping Tips and Tricks:

Write the tracking number on the box. Lost labels are the leading cause of lost shipments in transit! Shipments will sometimes lose their labels, but if the tracking number is on the box, FedEx can pull it up and get it back on track!

➤ DO NOT CALL FEDEX! Call or email us directly with any issues. FedEx has ZERO liability on live shipments, no matter what the FedEx customer service might tell you!

➤ Do not ship Live on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays are FedEx's busiest day and extended delays are likely. Shipping on Thursday increases the risk of your shipment getting hung up over the weekend. Tuesdays and Wednesdays remain the safest shipping days FedEx-wise.

➤ Avoid residential and non-hub deliveries to avoid likely driver delays and issues.

➤ Package well in anticipation of delays.

➤ No Handwarmers, ever. Handwarmers and heat packs with durations less than 40 hours kill animals.

➤ Using ANY heat pack in a box smaller than 12x9x6 can easily kill animals.

➤ Using any heat pack when temps at either the origin or destination are 70F or above can easily kill animals.

➤​ If you are dealing with straddling temps or have any concerns whatsoever, contact us for recommendations!

➤ Our On Time and Live Arrival Insurance is the only way to protect yourself when shipping live animals through FedEx. Only certain shipments are eligible for insurance coverage.

➤ Make sure your recipient knows what to do in case their animal arrives cold! Reptiles can and will go into shock if not warmed up properly.