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Welcome to The Newsletter from All Pro Shipping, home of and Each week we will share tips and best practices to help your business grow and get you Shipping Like a Pro! Check out the archive links below to read all of the past issues!

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85. It’s Just a Couple Inches… A clear demonstration on how box size affects shipping cost

84. Shipping Outside the Continental US How to ship to states and territories outside of the 48 continental states

83. Shipping Serpents Safely Two quick but important tips for safely shipping snakes and other reptiles

82. Ask AJ #7 Finding authorized ship centers and dealing with heat packs in variable weather

81. Service or Support? The difference between Customer Service and Customer Support

80. Pictures Worth 1000 Words How photographs can help or hinder your business

79. Is Today the Day? The best days to ship and the days to avoid

78. More Stuff on Stuffing What to use inside the animal's container

77. The Heat of the Moment Shipping safely in summertime heat

76. Researching Online Sellers How to avoid getting ripped off

75. The Skinny on Stuffing What to use for padding inside the box

74. Ask AJ #6 Regarding dry ice and duct tape

73. 5 Quick Tips to Save You MONEY!

72. A Critical Message on Boxes Choosing the right box

71. This is a Hold Up! How to save money and reduce risk

70. Building a Better Business Five tips to strengthen your business reputation

69. By Any Other Name…Still the Same? Why SYR/SYA is your best option

68. Ask AJ #5 How do DOA claims work? What's the best way to ship amphibians?

67. Insurance Assurance All about our Insurance program

66. Dim Sum What is Dimensional Weight and how does it work?

65. A Master Class in Customer Care A valuable "extra step" you can do for your customers

64. The Secret in the Code How to know which central hub your Express shipment will go through

63. Unboxing Day How to successfully receive a live shipment

62. Ground Zones – Where do You Fall? How long will your Ground shipment take to be delivered?

61. Video - How to Pack a Live Shipment

60. The Bad, the Good, and the Best How to choose the best type of supplemental heat for shipping

59. The Weight of Space An Explanation of Dimensional Weight

58. Money Money Money! A Discussion on the Expenses of Shipping

57. Quick Q's with Awesome A's A variety of excellent questions and answers

56. The Three Musketeers of Temperature Control Heat packs, cold packs, and Phase-22s

55. Controlling Climate Change Why our temperature guidelines are set the way they are, and how to deal with wide variables in temps

54. All About the Box Specific information about the shipping box.

53. The Greatest Show on Earth NARBC at Tinley Park in October

52. U-Haulin' Reptiles Moving? How to safely transport your reptiles across town or across the country

51. Featured Customer #3 John Dague of JD Constriction

50. What About that App? Why is there not SYR/SYA mobile app?

49. Timing is Everything Best days to ship

48. All Pro Shipping - The Story The history of ShipYourReptiles & ShipYourAquatics

47. Ask AJ #4 What's it like working with Chad and Robyn? Any new features coming soon?

46. Shipping to Exotic Lands Places we ship that you might not expect

45. Money Saving Quick Tips How to save money on shipping

44. What About Fish? How to ship fish and aquatic creatures

43. Featured Customer #2 Amad Osman of Ozzy Boids LLC

42. Ask AJ #3 Why should I NOT call FedEx if there's a problem?

41. Perfectly Packed Packages Supplies and steps for successful packaging

40. Thinking Inside the Box What happens if a box gets crunched?

39. On the Newsletter 

38. Featured Customer #1 Chris Leone of Garden State Tortoise

37. 5 C's for a Strong Business Tips for building a solid business

36. Spring has Sprung! Tips for dealing with spring weather shipping

35. It Costs How Much?!? Marketing strategies for dealing with the high cost of shipping

34. Let's Learn Lacey What is the Lacey Act and why is it important?

33. Hidden Savings The true value of SYR/SYA beyond discounted shipping labels

32. Inside or Outside…Think About the Box! Why your shipping box matters so much

31. Hold For Pick-Up How to have packages held for pick-up at FedEx -- when (and when not to) use this feature

30. Ask AJ #2 Thoughs on labeling the box with words like "fragile" and "live"?

29. Don’t be This Guy Amusing and helpful advice on marketing your business

28. Ask AJ #1 Advice for 1st time shippers? Number one tip?

27. Is This for Real? The scoop on On-Time and Live-Arrival Insurance

26. Revisiting a Surplus of Surcharges An explanation of FedEx surcharges and how to avoid them

25. Seven Quick Tips for Successful Shipping

24. How to Blow Your... Solid advice for great customer service

23. Asking for an Autograph? Should you require a signature on delivery?

22. What’s the Big Deal? What makes SYR/SYA special

21. Grow Your Business with Us! How SYR/SYA can help expand your business

20. Avoiding Adjustments Explanation of Adjustment charges and how to avoid them

19. New FedEx Rates and Fees FedEx raised rates and fees

18. Six Shipping Standards for Success

17. Danger from Within! The dangers of heat pack abuse

16. A Special Letter to our Readers A holiday letter from Robyn Markland

15. More than Just a Pretty Label! What do you get from SYR/SYA beyond discounted shipping labels?

14. Follow the Yellow-Brick Code How to tell which national hub your package will go through

13. What is the Lacey Act? A brief definition and history of the Lacey Act

12. A Smorgasborg of FAQs A collection of commonly asked questions with short answers

11. Flat Rate Secrets Revealed! The truth about how Flat Rate shipping works

10. Time is Running Out! 2017 holiday shipping schedule

09. A Surplus of Surcharges An explanation of FedEx surcharges and how to avoid them

08. Anticipation! An explantion of the Guaranteed Time of Arrival and how to know what yours will be

07. Winter Holidays! 2017 holiday shipping schedule

06. Labeling Labors of Love A look at the labels you must have on your live shipment

05. Danger from Within! The dangers of heat pack abuse

04. Dim Wit! Wait...Weight? An explanation of Dimensional Weight, how its used, and how to calculate it

03. More than Just a Pretty Label! What do you get from SYR/SYA beyond discounted shipping labels?

02. Seven Steps for Perfect Packing

01. How Far Can We Grow Together? An intro to the Newsletter and how our businesses can grow together


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