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We love it when our customers love us! Check out what others have to say about their experience with our services and team below.

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Frog whisperer

I wouldn't trust my precious cargo to any other service than SYR! Still the best.

The Frog Whisperer

Jd constriction

The S​hip​Y​our​R​eptiles​ team is awesome to work with, quick to give knowledgeable answers to questions, and always extremely professional. Their great customer service, discounted prices, and contributions to the betterment of the reptile community keep me coming back to them every shipment. SYR is my goto for shipping, hands down!

John Dague


When I ship out my Reticulated Pythons only one name comes to mind and that's Ship Your Reptiles. I have been purchasing my shipping supplies and shipping through SYR with confidence for several years and I will continue to do so. One of the best features for me is the ability and ease in scheduling package pick up.

Shane Castello


At Pangea, we highly encourage our customers to use to ship their animals. This is one of the most useful tools that has come along in the hobby, it allows everyday people to ship using ​Priority Overnight service at highly discounted rates. has made it easy and economical to ship live reptiles from hobbyist to hobbyist, fueling the trade and helping the hobby! We love their rates and their awesome customer service!


Dm exotics

Whether you ship on a regular basis like myself or just need to get that one live animal package sent out, ​ShipYourReptiles ​is the place to get it done. It is just too easy….you don’t need to jump through the hoops to get certified through FedEx, the labels are all there for you to print out, easy to follow step-by-step instructions on industry standards for packing and labeling, and the savvy users can get coupon codes to save more money while doing it. It just doesn't get any easier than that.


Brad chambers

I'm very excited to see the latest innovations at SYR. We've been a client almost since the company's inception, and I literally have zero complaints. That's saying a lot, since we ship hundreds of reptiles each year. The incredible customer support at Ship Your Reptiles has salvaged many a potentially problematic situation-a quality shipping service saves animal lives.

Brad Chambers


Why we love SYR: 1. Simple to book, print and ship our reptiles. 2. Cost savings of over $3000+ and that savings is passed onto our customers. 3. Totally reliable and backed up by an unmatched guarantee on live delivery. What more can you ask for? Nothing. What more do you get? How about a simple mechanism to contribute to USARK which is more important now than ever before….CONTRIBUTE! You love your reptiles so get them to your customers safely, don’t compromise, use SYR today!

Jeff Nemanius

Chris behoff

I've been a customer of ShipYourReptiles for years now and have saved over $3000 dollars in shipping costs. ​The ShipYourReptiles team ​is always available and have been there to help if needed. I also really appreciate that they fight for our rights by donating to USARK.

Chris Behof


I have used Ship Your Reptiles since 2009. The customer service is beyond top notch and the prices are low! Shipping live reptiles is no longer stressful when you use Ship Your Reptiles!



SYR has been my shipping choice since their inception and they have never let me down. Their staff takes customer service to another level with their "no problem only solution" point of view. Enjoy deep discounts and peace of mind when it comes to all your herp shipping needs.

Ron Tremper

Vital exotics

When I first started Vital Exotics years ago I looked in great depth into my live animal shipping options...we needed fast, reliable shipping at an affordable price with an organized team and a quality service behind the process...we found that with Ship Your Reptiles. Best prices, easy checkout and online booking, and the best customer service in the industry! They are there to help me out with a question every time and always doing great work to help further progress our business and better out industry...use SYR!

Kristopher Brown

Brian butler

Altitude Exotics has used since we began selling reptiles nationwide. The customer service is always prompt, friendly and extremely helpful. The rates beat any other reptile shipping company we have compared them to, but their commitment to giving back and supporting the reptile industry is what truly sets them apart.

Brian Butler


Ever Evolving Exotics uses, trusts, and recommends Ship Your Reptiles for all of your reptile shipping needs. Their industry experience and customer service is unsurpassed. SYR caters to both first time shippers and those who ship animals every day.


Quality serpents

Ship​Your​R​eptiles is fantastic, we all know that. What you may not know is the people behind SYR are some of the most professional, courteous, and pleasant service men and women I've met not just in the reptile industry, but any industry. If I'm going to ship a reptile, there is no other option for me.

Shane Whitaker D.V.M


When SYR came along, my business was later on in the startup phase, and we had already bounced around from UPS to FedEx to UPS, and back again. Aside from being less specialized than SYR, we just didn't get the same level of attention and care from those guys that we get from SYR. We have been using SYR for something like 6 years now, and my reptile breeding business is shipping thousands of reptiles each year. As we've worked our way up to larger scale production, SYR has remained our shipping method of choice not only because we save money, but because the team at SYR actually know reptiles, they understand our specialized needs, and their website is set up specifically for reptile breeders. We see warnings when weather looks iffy, there's a new feature that lets us check temperatures, and they offer insurance that you can count on to cover live reptiles - just to name a few. Not only does it save me money, their specialized website is a luxury I wouldn't want to give up. SYR is the perfect solution for ANYONE shipping live reptiles, whether they're a small scale hobbyist, who doesn't want to jump through all the hoops of becoming a reptile approved shipper with FedEx, or they're a professional breeder who wants a more specialized level of care and support. As my business continues to grow, shipping is one piece of the puzzle I know I won't have to worry about.

Anthony Caponetto


ShipYourReptiles is #1 as far as reptile shipping goes. I wouldn't trust anyone else with shipping everything from my basic to high dollar Reticulated Pythons. The staff is incredible and are always willing to help whether through email or by phone. It truly is a one stop shop and you can do everything from buying your supplies, setting up shipping, and scheduling pickup all from the comfort of your home. If you're not using SYR, you need to start!

Jake Klotz


The team at Ship Your Reptiles has never let me down. I have to say 100% of the time they have helped me out with no issues. You all are the greatest asset to our hobby and the industry! Thanks for always being there for me and my customers.

Spencer Tedesco


Operating an ultra-niche company like Kammerflage Kreations, I appreciate the great discount and wonderful customer service which SYR provides. As a long time herp lover, I really value SYR’s dedication to educating people on the best methods for safely shipping their herps. Be sure to check out the SYR website for a wealth of information. Need shipping supplies? They have that too. What a great resource!

Ed Kammer

Handmade herps logo image pj kohn

"I thank you for all your help! It’s great help and communication like this that makes me glad to always book my shipments with SYR. You all prove yourselves time and time again."

PJ Kohn

Hermit crabs karen cogan

Wanted to let you know you were a big help in the live arrival process of the hermit crabs. All 7 arrived alive and well! TY again! We'll definitely continue to use this SYR for all my shipping needs."

Karen Cogan

Cyberserpents logo image  nick k

We really appreciate your partnership and look forward to continuing to being a strong supporter of Ship Your Reptiles services!

Nick Karaskiewicz

Shelby benson  snake pic

Thank you so much for the check in and all of your support! If I ever need shipping services again I will be sure to get in touch and recommend you to others!

Shelby Benson

Damian soutter  geckos

"I just wanted to reach out- Your team is amazing!! I really Appreciate all the help I received! My baby dragon arrived safe and I’m so very grateful to you all!!!

Damian Soutter

Tracy jackson  gecko

"Thank you for the amazing customer service!!!"

Tracy Jackson

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I have been​ ​using SYR since 2011 and could not be happier!​ ​They have great customer service, low rates and easy to use. They are always ready and willing to answer any and all questions you might have along with making sure everything goes smoothly, not to mention their micro donation system so you can easily make donations to USARK while shipping your reptiles. SYR is without a doubt, my number one go to choice!

Tim Slotke