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Critical! Heat pack use can cause DOAs! Please follow our temperature guidelines for heat pack use! DOAs occur at this time of year because of overuse of heatpacks! SYR guidelines specify NO heat pack use when either origin or destination daytime high temp is 70F or above. Reptiles can handle cool temperatures much better than they can handle hot temperatures. Misuse of heat packs is the number one cause of DOAs. If you have questions about when to use a heat pack for your shipment please contact us, we'd be happy to advise! 

Warning! ShipYourReptiles HOLIDAY SHIPPING Update!
The heavy holiday shipping season is here! There are going to be millions of gift packages clogging the system from now through the first of 2017. Please take the following schedule into strong consideration for your live reptile shippings needs!

Dec. 5th and 6th- These are the last days of the year for SYR Insurance. You can still ship live reptiles, but delays and exceptions will be 3-4 times higher than normal for the rest of the year. Only packages shipped on these days will be eligible for the SYR insurance coverage. There is no On-Time or Live Arrival coverage for packages shipped on Wednesday Dec. 7th or later. 

Dec. 14th- Last day of the year for live reptile shipping. Please wait until Jan. 3rd to resume live shipments.

January 2nd- FedEx will be closed in observance of New Year's Day.  There will be no movement or delivery of packages on January 2nd.  Shipping will resume on January 3rd.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT ship venomous reptiles!

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The future of the reptile and amphibian hobby/industry depends on our ability to fight legislative battles that threaten to take away our rights to keep/breed/ship live reptiles. We're making it easy to make a difference. With each shipment you have the choice to make a small micro-donation to USARK - "a science, education and conservation-based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles". This organization is on the front lines protecting our rights. Make a donation, make a difference.

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At Pangea, we highly encourage our customers to use to ship their animals. This is one of the most useful tools that has come along in the hobby, it allows everyday people to ship using ​Priority Overnight service at highly discounted rates. has made it easy and economical to ship live reptiles from hobbyist to hobbyist, fueling the trade and helping the hobby! We love their rates and their awesome customer service!

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Ship reptiles professionally Learn to pack like the pros. Take advantage of our years of experience shipping live reptiles with our step by step guide to packaging and shipping. Have confidence that your animals will arrive healthy. Click here for our packaging guide. Have questions about keeping the temperatures right or knowing when to ship and when not to? Click here. We have answers to all your shipping questions to help you ship like a pro. Check out our FAQ.

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