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Jun 12, 2019

What happens when a live shipment gets crunched

If the animal has been packed in a sturdy cardboard box that meets or exceeds the minimum standards for live shipment set by FedEx and ShipYourReptiles and if it has been properly lined with the minimum 3/4" foam insulation, the chances are very high that the animal inside will be just fine. 

One thing we, as shippers, must always keep in mind is that no matter how reliable FedEx is most of the time (and 99% of the time, everything goes just fine) nothing is perfect. Mechanical things will break. People will have a moment of inattentiveness. With so many moving parts, and so many individual employees that come in direct contact with live shipments every day, FedEx has a remarkable record of near-flawless deliveries. But there’s always that one…

That one conveyor belt that snaps. That one fuel line that leaks. That one person that had a rough night and isn’t paying as much attention as usual. That one person that hates their job and finds some scant entertainment in toying with live shipments. 

Stuff happens. When there is room for improvement (such as an employee that is willfully negligent with packages) we will give the situation all the consideration we can and report it to FedEx management. More often than not, these rare instances are nothing more than a moment of bad luck. Regardless of the cause, as your representative to FedEx, ShipYourReptiles will do all within our power to resolve the situation with the best interest of the animals first and foremost, and the best interest of our customers and their businesses a close second. 

What is critical to remember is that we are all responsible for understanding the imperfections in the system and doing our best to mitigate the risks before the package ever reaches FedEx hands. 

Pack your animals properly!

One of the most critical components of proper packaging is the box and its 3/4" foam insulating liner. This insulation serves multiple purposes. 

It protects against rapid changes of temperature inside the box.

It helps maintain the desired temperature inside the box for as long as possible.

It acts as a buffer to help absorb the bumps and hits encountered along the transport journey.

It provides critical structural integrity, making the box stronger and more resistant to crushing.

It absorbs a high percentage of the damage during a crushing or piercing incident.

Last week, John Dague of JD Constriction, had a very scary moment with one of his shipments. John has completed hundreds of successful shipments without incident. But there’s always that one…

This is what John’s customer found when they picked up their package at their local FedEx Ship Center. Fortunately for all involved, especially the snake, John takes care ahead of time to pack his animals impeccably. The sturdy box and the interior insulation absorbed the damage done and protected the snake inside. It arrived at its new home safe and sound! 

If you ever have an incident like this, please contact us ASAP and let us know. We’ll take care of all the interactions with FedEx on your behalf so you won’t have to fuss with that massive headache. Also, our On-Time and Live Arrival* Insurance is another valuable tool you have at your disposal to help mitigate those very rare, but inevitable, moments when something goes wrong. 

We all have the animals’ best interests at heart and we’re all in this together to make sure they have the absolute best chance possible to arrive at their destinations safe, healthy, and happy!