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Jun 26, 2018

Ask Us #3

Why is it better for you guys to contact FedEx if there's a problem, instead of me contacting them directly? It's my package...isn't it more efficient if I skip the middle-man and go directly to FedEx myself? 

Jayne D.

Great question, and one we run into often! The short answer is you are far more likely to complicate things than fix them on your own.

When you call the 1-800 FedEx customer service line, you speak with any number of entry-level customer service reps who are not familiar with the intricacies of ​live reptile/aquatics shipping and ​our account. When we call FedEx, however, we ​deal directly with ​the FedEx ​Premier Customer Service ​Team who are well-versed in the restrictions and nuances of our ​live animal ​account, and are therefore able to help us rectify a problem far more quickly and more efficiently than the standard customer service reps.

Our account is also restricted ​so that only our staff are able to make changes on a package or options.

​Having you or your recipient call ​FedEx ​on a package​ also results in having too many hands in the pot. The more people are involved in working on fixing the issue, the greater the issue becomes. ​If there are too many calls/inquiries/changes on a specific package, FedEx is likely to lock the shipment, allowing no more changes, ​and at that point ​there ​is nothing we ​can do. ​This only leads to further delay, some chaos, and a lot of dissatisfaction. ​Rather than spending your time and energy arguing with FedEx, just make one call or write one email to us, and we will handle it for you!

A final point I’d like to make is that at the end of the day, we are the FedEx account holder, and you are our clients. Just like you have an agreement with your buyers, we have an agreement with you that you sign off on every time you purchase a label. As the FedEx account holders, please let us handle any FedEx issues ​to get the most efficient and effective solution, ​so you can go back to your busy day! We promise that we will do everything we can to make the situation right!