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Jan 15, 2019

Video - How to Pack for Live Shipment

Check out this video on YouTube!

The following is a quick step-by-step guide to packing a live shipment. Even if you're confident in your shipping methods, you can always share this with someone new to the practice. Then scroll down to see a great little video that demonstrates these steps. 

1. Buy your shipping supplies ahead of time

Make air holes in your box

Four total holes, two at each end

Quarter-inch diameter for each (a Philips screwdriver works great to make these)

2. Book your label at

3. Print your label

4. Activate your heat pack (IF needed, be sure to follow our SYR Shipping Standards for safe heat pack use!)

Remove the plastic outer wrap

Shake it up!

Place in a folded towel for 30 minutes

Tape it to the inside of the styrofoam lid with the red stripe exposed

Check out this video on YouTube!